When first moving into a new house, you may find that a lot of the things you’ll need for the first week have been tossed, forgotten or misplaced. So, we’ve compiled a list of necessities and separated them into categories to check off. We suggest that you pack these items in a box that can be put in your car. Or else, make sure it is the last box put on the moving van so it can be found easily and brought into your new home right away.


  • Paper towels, Paper plates, Plastic or Styrofoam cups, Plastic utensils, Can opener, Snacks, Telephone, Small phone book for new town, Local map, Important contact names and numbers, Toilet paper, Shower curtain, Medications, First aid kit, Flashlight, Extension cord

Cleaning supplies:

  • Broom, Glass cleaner, All purpose cleaner, Scrub brush
  • Trash bags

If you have children:

  • Toys, Diaper supplies, Formula or snacks, Extra blankets, Change of clothes

If you have pets:

  • Carrier, Leash, Toys, Treats and food, Food and water dishes, Litter box and litter, Pooper scooper


  • Hanging nails, Hammer, Screwdriver, Tape measure, Box cutter, Pen or marker