You got the new place, you’re moved in, Spot seems to be okay with it…now take a moment to consider your neighbors.

Think about it, What do you expect of a good neighbor? Quiet of course but what else? Fortunately, Jane Popham, one of Purina’s pet experts, has some great advice to pass on. Train your dog. Of course, it’s best to do it when he’s young but he can learn at any age.

Learn the local laws. There may be a “pooper scooper” ordinance in effect or a leash law—take the time to find out.

Barking dogs. Spot may be a bit bored or anxious but your neighbors may not have any sympathy for that. Regular walks and longer play periods may just do the trick!
Indoor cats. Spike may love the great outdoors but your neighbors may not love her for it. Especially in an animal populous area.

Consider spaying or neutering. An animal in heat is a friend to no one. It brings unwanted suitors, great anxiety and not a little noise. If you don’t want to spay or neuter, think about boarding. Healthy pet, happy pet. Enough said.