30 October 2021 | Happy Halloween!


Did we scare ya?!😉

Halloween is [literally] right around the corner — Paramark would like to wish you & yours a very spooktacular, safe, & happy Halloween weekend! 🎃

29 October 2021 | Winner Winner Pumpkin Dinner

*Drrrrrrumroll pleeeeease…. 🥁*
Announcing this years Corporate Office Pumpkin Contest winner:
Tied for 3rd Place: Pumpkins # 1 & # 2
Coming in 2nd Place: Pumpkin # 3
& our 1st Place winner: Regional Manager, Tom Knoepke, of pumpkin # 4 with a whopping 20 votes!
We have some talented people around the office, for sure. Check out their design work 🎃 Congratulations, Tom! Those marshmallow teeth really tied everything together 😉

29 October 2021 | Company News

We’d like to thank our next-door neighbors, Endless Journey Childcare, for bringing the kids over to trick-or-treat. We had a blast handing out candy and seeing all the littles in their costumes! 🎃❤

28 October 2021 | Company News

As we wrap up the last few fundraising events for United Way, we wanted to congratulate our AUCTION winners from today! What a wonderful way to bring our team together ❤ Again, we’d like to thank our Sponsors who made this event possible, one last time. We are grateful for your generosity & thoughtfulness!

– Trader Joe’s
– DoubleTree by Hilton
– Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union
– KelzenbergKreatives Photography
– West Bank
– Custom Alarm
– Carlson Retirement Plan Services
– WA Insurance
– Canteen Vending
– Culvers
– Think Bank
– Intrigue Hair Studio
– Charlies Eatery
– Jesse Lambrecht
– Patti Lebarron
– Paramark

15 October 2021 | Company News

Please join us in THANKING our new sponsors this week! ❤️

– Canteen Vending
– Culvers
– Think Bank
– Intrigue Hair Studio
– Charles Eatery

07 October 2021 | Company News

Our corporate office hosted their kick-off for United Way yesterday!
United Way? What do they do?
United Way provides: food assistance, housing assistance & shelters, employment help, heating & utility help, abuse prevention, elder care, mental health services, substance abuse help, childcare, and so much more!
Over the next few weeks, Paramark Real Estate Services (Rochester) will be participating in several fundraising activities for United Way of Olmsted County — with the help of our sponsors. With that being said, please join us in THANKING our new sponsors this week! ❤️
New Sponsors for the week of October 3rd – 9th:
-Trader Joe’s
-DoubleTree by Hilton
-Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union
-KelzenbergKreatives Photography
-West Bank
-Custom Alarm
-Carlson Retirement Plan Services
-WA Insurance

01 October 2021 | Company News


Today (Friday, October 1st), our corporate office enjoyed a company outing on the green. A beautiful day for golf AND team bonding, outside the office!

25 August 2021 | Women Wednesday

Jenny Steffes // Rochester, MN

Q: How long have you been at Paramark?

Jenny: 10 Weeks

Q: What do you do here?

J: I am the Housing Director at Fairway Ridge Coop and the Property Manager at Uptown Apartments

Q: What energizes you at work?

J: My members! I LOVE the Coop life. Both of my properties are full of amazing people and in just these short 10 weeks, I have developed some amazing relationships. I also LOVE to be busy and a challenge and BOY OH BOY have these positions delivered. I’m so happy and proud to be here.

Q: What’s something – big or small – that you’re really good at?

J: People and professionalism! I am great at listening, giving compassion and empathy, helping find a solution big or small, and learning what needs attention immediately to keep our members and tenants happy in their home. I also believe in professionalism. Even though I’m new, I’ve heard I must’ve been around the block a few times. That’s a huge compliment and it all comes down to being professional.

Q:  If you could snap your fingers and become an expert in something, what would it be?

J: Ha! ALL OF IT! Ask Andy, he’s had to remind me a few times that it takes time to “know it all” and then things will change. But, I can NOT say enough about Andy, Stacy B. and all of the staff at corporate. I’ve never felt like a bother when I have questions or need help! (Even if I know I’ve asked before but need clarification). Everyone is so kind, willing to help and friendly!

Q: What’s your biggest work pet peeve?

J: I’m new; I don’t have many on site or at work (YET) but I’d have to say that my motto (it hangs in my office) is “Work Hard and Be Nice to People” …. I’ve had a few run ins with a few individuals (OUTSIDE of my properties and Paramark) that may not love their job as much as I do. It always frustrates me when someone is short or grumpy on the phone or in person while on the job.

Q: What’s your go-to Karaoke song?

J: I can NOT sing; but I have one girlfriend (who also can NOT sing who LOVES karaoke) and I’m not shy. Our go to is “Turn Around” by Bonnie Tyler. We kill it (terribly) every time and we have a blast every time, as well. There are videos… I’ll never share. I’m not sure why those in the audience plug their ears though… literally that’s happened!

Q: Finally, what’s the best advice you were ever given?

J: Don’t take anything too seriously! NOTHING you do will make the building (or your home, etc) fall down. Do your best, tomorrow is a new day… let go. But, never, take anything in this life too seriously!!

Baristas from Starbucks at Hyvee on West Circle Drive donated all of their tips to JP Rochester this week

21 July 2021 | ICYMI

This afternoon, Starbucks baristas from Hyee West Circle Drive in Rochester surprised Jeremiah Program Rochester with the best gift of all — a Random Act of Kindness. The baristas have been collecting and saving their tips for MONTHS, just to donate to JP Rochester, raising over $1,800! Thank you for spreading kindness to our community, Starbucks Hyvee!

You can view more TBT on our social media pages, every Thursday, via the Paramark Facebook & Instagram

8 July 2021 | Throw Back Thursday

Welcoming another new addition to our social media days – Throwback Thursday! We are throwin’ it way back to 1906 and taking a small step into the history of Trolley Quarter Flats, Wausau, WI:

“Prior to its historic rehabilitation/reopening in 2012, the structurally-sound Trolley Shed, built on the site of Wausau’s street trolley system, used to lift carriages off the trolley platforms for repairs, which operated from 1906 to 1940. Combined with new construction, Trolley Quarter Flats is now a 40-unit complex offering great views of the Wisconsin River with large windows and patio/balconies on all units.”

4 July 2021 | Office Update

Paramark will be closed tomorrow, Monday, July 5th, as we continue to celebrate America’s Birthday with our families. We will resume normal business hours on Tuesday, July 6th, at 8a. Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

The lobby is all decked out in Red, White, and Blue as Applewood Pointe MG gets ready for the Fourth

2 July 2021 | Residential Spotlight

Red, white, and blue has popped up all over Applewood Pointe Maple Grove as they prepare for the upcoming Holiday this weekend. We love what you’ve done with the place, Applewood Pointe MG!

20 June 2021 | Happy Father’s Day!

DADS, Today is your day to shine! Corny jokes and all 😉 Whether you’re out grilling, buying some New Balance sneakers, or just spending time with family, we hope you’ll take the time to celebrate all that you are, all that you’ve done, and all that you will do. ❤️ We love you!

The Maple Grove PD joined residents at Applewood Pointe Maple Grove for coffee and a conversation

18 June 2021 | Residential Spotlight

The Maple Grove Police Department spent some time with residents over at our Applewood Pointe Maple Grove property this week! Residents and Officers/Detectives were able to socialize over coffee and residents were able to ask many great questions. Thanks for stopping by, Maple Grove PD! We were thrilled to visit with you!

9 June 2021 | Residential Spotlight

Just what the doctor ordered — some cheering up! After the 2020 we’ve all had, we could all use a boost in our step. That’s just what Tina, caretaker at St. Criox Village, was thinking too! Found in front of St. Croix Village, directly on the sidewalk, Tina has created these inspirational quotes for not only the residents but the rest of the community too. Thank you for helping put a smile back on our faces, Tina!

*Note: passersby have been posting the chalk art Via Facebook on a group called ‘Hudson, WI Word of Mouth’. Tina, your art is famous!

Fresh basil grown by Applewood Pointe’s very own Garden Committee

4 June 2021 | Residential Spotlight

Why go to the store when you can grow your very own produce in your backyard?! That’s what the residents at Applewood Pointe of Champlin [at Mississippi Crossings] have been up to! From fresh herbs to raised garden beds, these green thumbs have been BUSY. Well done Applewood Pointe Garden Committee!

Paramark Broker: Darci Fenske

2 June 2021 | Local Listing

No need for a pinch, you are not dreaming! All of the garage space you could ever want, right before your very eyes. The industrial space in Oronoco is a perfect place to get some work done. Built with FIVE overhead doors, this spacious garage gives you the opportunity to store boats, cars, tractors, trailers, trucks – oh my!

Check out the listing under Properties > Commercial Properties or give us a call!

01 June 2021 | Residential Spotlight

Bragging rights have officially been issued to Paramark’s* very own: 1300 in River Falls, Wisconsin! The award ceremony, held [virtually] on May 11th, was attended by staff as they were presented as winners of the 24th Annual Governor’s Excellence in Community Action Award. This award may possibly be the first one ever for a HOUSING project! The 1300’s program “stood out for its innovative nature and ability to leverage existing resources”. Congratulations on your well-deserved recognition, 1300!

*Note: Paramark solely manages 1300, while ownership belongs to Gerrard Corporation. West CAP (who entered in the nomination) serves low-income households in the area.

Follow Okabena Towers on Social Media to check out their project updates!

29 May 2021 | Property Projects

If you’ve been to Okabena Towers in Worthington, MN lately, then you’ll know they are in the middle of a facelift! Some of their exciting projects include: New cement (entryway, patio, parking lot entrance), and New landscaping around the entire building. There are also plans to start painting the exterior walls. We are excited to see the final outcome, Okabena!

Cabinets designed by Troy & Jo Eiden of Modern Design Cabinetry

28 May 2021 | New Business Alert

Have your dream kitchen, bathroom, ROOM in mind? Troy & Jo Eiden of Modern Design Cabinetry can help! New to Rochester, the Eiden’s recently signed a 4-year lease for a showroom at 30 25th St. SE in Rochester’s Broadway Commons area (behind Thirsty Belgian). The custom cabinet makers hail from Cologne, MN, and wanted to “hit a different market” down in Rochester. They have been working closely with a couple of home builders in the area, along with wanting to be closer to Cambria Countertops. We are excited to see what Troy & Jo have to bring to the area!

The Eiden’s were represented by Paramark Real Estate Services’ very own, Patrick Sexton (Commercial Realtor).

The graduates with Plainview Senior Housing’s residents

27 May 2021 | Residential Spotlight

Here come the graduates! On Tuesday of this week, Plainview Senior Housing hosted a Pre-school Graduation Party for their little frequent visitors, serving lemonade, various snacks, and some gifts for the graduates. Congratulations, girls!

Asiso Mohamed, owner of Boon Boutique

26 May 2021 | New Business Alert

Located at King’s Row, just to the North of KMart, Asiso Mohamed has opened up Boon Boutique. As a native to Rochester (MN), Asiso has an amazing inventory of clothes for the fashion-minded Muslim. Truly another exciting local entrepreneur! Congratulations, Asiso!

25 May 2021 | Introduction

Welcome to Paramark Real Estate’s newest edition: the Blog! Do you ever find yourself wondering “what’s going on with [insert location here]?” That’s where we come in! We invite you to follow along as we update you with the happenings of our Commercial & Residential Properties. There’s always something new and exciting, so we are glad you are taking this journey with us!