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Jeremiah Program
Rochester, MN 55901, USA

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Jeremiah program // Rochester, MN

Jeremiah Program – Rochester offers residential apartments and an on-site child development center near the heart of downtown Rochester. The Rochester Campus also offers welcoming community space for empowerment and life skills classes, as well as a playground, and places for residents to gather, share a meal, study, and socialize.

Contact: Kendyl Losee
Office Hours:
Phone: (507)-272-8497

What is Jeremiah Program?

Jeremiah Program offers one of the nation’s most successful strategies for transforming families from poverty to prosperity two generations at a time. Jeremiah Program prepares determined single mothers to excel in the workforce, readies their children to succeed in school, and reduces generational dependence on public assistance.

Jeremiah’s proven, holistic approach begins with establishing a supportive community for determined single mothers to pursue a career-track, college education. Through a combination of quality early childhood education, a safe and affordable place to live, and empowerment and life skills training, families find stability and a path out of poverty.

Quality Early Childhood Education:
On-site or partner early childhood centers provide the high-quality education that lays the crucial foundation for academic achievement, social success, and economic productivity. Jeremiah coaches parents to become partners in their children’s education.

Support for a Career-Track, College Education:
A college degree creates a path out of poverty for low-income single mothers. Jeremiah’s professional coaches help women set educational goals, choose a career-track path, and get into and through their degree program. This individualized support promotes a culture of accountability and success.

Safe & Affordable Housing:
Jeremiah Program offers young mothers and their children safe and affordable housing or, with non-residential programs, ensures that such housing is in place. The stability provided by this housing allows women to grow as parents, succeed as students, and prepare for career-track professions.

Empowerment & Life Skills Training:
Empowerment is the catalyst for young women to change the direction of their lives. This required course promotes accountability and a deep understanding of how beliefs impact outcomes. Jeremiah women participate in weekly life skills training in career development, economic independence, physical and emotional health, and positive parenting. Jeremiah coaches participants to integrate skills into everyday actions.

Supportive Community:
The supportive community begins with the Jeremiah sisterhood; by taking this journey together the women grow in self-confidence and develop cooperative relationships. Coaches work one-to-one offering women support, advice, and accountability in dealing with daily challenges and opportunities. Dedicated volunteers extend women’s access to community resources and networks, resulting in expanded social capital for Jeremiah families.

***Paramark does not accept applications for this property unless referred by Jeremiah Program Staff. Please visit for more details.***

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